Labelstech-Professional solutions for printing labels
Labelstech is an innovative company specializing in the delivery, installation and servicing of specialized solutions for digital printing and production of self-adhesive labels on roll.

The company relies on highly specialized professionals in all areas of the printing industry – materials, technologies, manufacturing, trade, service and logistics.

Epson is among the world’s leading printer manufacturers to print color labels. This is one of their many successful activities.
The Epson company has always been ahead of its time. In 40-is the year of the 20th century was created the small timepiece company called Daiwa Kogyo, which later became Seiko and finally became a Seiko Epson Corporation.
Epson presents its first „electronic printer” (EP) in 1968-a year. Very soon after, Epson introduced the first business printer that is the world’s smallest – called the informal „son” of EP. This is how the modern company Epson was born.
In 1990 , Seiko Epson Corporation created the European plant located in Amsterdam. Today, Epson products are available in 94 countries worldwide.
Epson is a company that extremely much holds on innovation. On a daily basis, the company releases 1.2 million euros for research and development. Also Epson owns 50 000 active patent and is located in top 100 of global innovators.
Also the company strives to be eco-friendly and targets up to 2050 year to reduce by 90% CO2 emissions for all its products.
So far have successfully reduced CO2 emissions in the distribution process by 24%. Also, the ink packaging is of 50% recyclable material, the amount of recycled waste is 100% and the printer’s energy consumption has decreased by 73%.

Zebra Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of print printers for black and white, yet called barcodes, labels. Already in the distant 1982, the corporation appreciates the need for personal printing of barcode labels and focuses precisely in this area. They strive to deliver quality and security for every business and budget. Although budget, printers are constructed with the infamous Zebra-uncompromising quality. One of the wishes of the company is to help a wide range of businesses, such as: Transport and logistics; Production Distribution End-customers ‘ oriented shops; Medicine and many others.
Zebra label printers work with Termodirketen and thermal transfer printing. Thus the company is able to assess and support the needs of any business. Също така, възможността за печат на RFID етикети е сред големите предимства на принтерите на Zebra.
The company has over 80 offices worldwide, which means that there is a very well established network providing support to all its partners.